Senior Fund Accounting Manager, AVP

  • Location: Gdańsk, Pomorskie, Poland
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Job Type: Full time

Senior Fund Accounting Manager, AVP

Purpose Of Role:
The client Group Manager is a key position within State Street Bank, taking responsibility for the servicing of a number of client relationships. The CGM has direct responsibility for the fund groups servicing the clients that are each headed by an Account Manager. The position of CGM therefore requires an attention to both staff management and client service.
Although a combination of all the above corporate behaviours is necessary to operate well as a CGM, particular emphasis is necessary in a number of areas.
The ability to Communicate Effectively is important when dealing with management level client and internal contacts. The CGM is a key stage of the internal communication process. Mastering good communications helps the CGM in Building and Maintaining Key Relationships with clients, colleagues and business partners, and giving a good image of the corporation.
The CGM must keep the group focussed on Ensuring that Accuracy and Quality are maintained at a high level, to both reduce operational risk to the bank and meet client quality targets. The CGM will only achieve this by Providing Vision and Direction to the staff.
The CGM must remain Focussed on Clients to manage expectations, give a good account of the corporation and anticipate any competitive risks or opportunity for revenue growth.
It is the role of the CGM to keep the team Focussed on Results , in meeting agreed client expectations. This same focus is important in Increasing the Operating Performance and productivity of the client group.

Specific Duties:

Serves as a source of technical information to answer and assist with client questions regarding:-
  • Product Types & structures
  • Basic regulatory issues
  • Compliance Issues
  • Industry developments
  • Operational Issues
  • Risk Issues

Manages the set-up of new funds and new Clients upon allocation by the Department Manager. On conversions, ensures that assets are received, reconciled, confirmed and booked in accordance with the customized conversion checklist; meets deadlines

Prepares annual budget input as requested. Prepares Controls status report. Prepares Loss Exposure report. Advises Comptroller of potential losses. Reviews overdraft reporting KPI Reporting in collaboration with counterparts in other sites

Prepares documentation for and interfaces with:
  • Internal auditors
  • External auditors
  • Procedures and Controls Unit

Keeps current on status of each fund by monitoring Account Managers review of all control reports. Establishes and monitors control procedures for special client situations. Ensures quality and timeliness of report delivery to clients. Engages in high-level problem resolution within bank and with external operations personnel. Ensures overdrafts are minimal, justified and resolved. Ensures all claims are promptly processed and resolved on behalf of the bank and the client. Ensures reconciliation's of cash and securities are current and differences are promptly resolved. Ensures all regulatory reports are filed accurately and timely. Keeps current on industry and bank operations by reading financial press and internal mail. Work to achieve process standardization across teams in Poland.

Participates on committees to design/respond to operation changes ("task forces"). Keeps current on procedures/systems changes and ensures incorporation into group procedures. Attends regularly scheduled unit/department of divisional managers meetings. Participates in departmental liaison meetings (Admin services, support services etc.) Participates in new business presentations.

Actively works towards increasing efficiency/productivity year on year for each client Actively drives efficiency improvements in the group Manages extra client/donor site requests and ensures the Operating Model remains appropriate

Demonstrates the ability to analyse a problem and obtain and evaluate information to reach sound conclusions. Knows when to elevate a problem and keep management informed.

II. Non-technical competencies

Sets own annual goals in agreement with Unit Head.

Maintains target staffing levels and allocates resources; strives to meet productivity goals; justifies temporary staff overruns and targets dates to cure overruns. Prepares/signs adds-to-staff and replacement requisitions. Participates in interviewing and hiring new staff. Evaluates existing staff, ensures that Client Groups are well balanced and adequate in strength vis à vis the complexity of the clients/funds. Performs annual reviews of Account Managers; counsels and develops them. Recommends promotions, terminations, counseling, and transfers. Reviews and countersigns Account Managers reviews of staff. Approves recommendations for promotion, termination, transfers and counseling. Recommends merit/special increases. Processes requisite forms. Issues written/verbal warnings to Account Managers. Ensures Account Managers follow procedure on issuing written/verbal warnings to staff. Intercedes when necessary. Monitors attendance records. Monitors overtime reports and takes corrective action. Manages overtime within acceptable levels. Conducts group meetings. Prepares requisite documentation for terminations. Reviews/monitors the group's vacation schedules. Manages this process to ensure all staff takes their entitlement. Maintains emergency procedures for staff shortages. Ensures the timely update of databases by reviewing Account Managers changes (interfacing with Information Technology). Develop and fast track appropriate staff to Senior Accountant roles.

client relations
Maintains ongoing relations with key client contacts Be aware of corporate or other developments at the client that may provide opportunities or pose a risk to the relationship Ensure calls with key client contacts are regular Ensure monthly group to client calls are in place Visits the client regularly, according to relationship structure

Shows good time organizational skills in order to meet deadlines Maintains organized records Demonstrates and promotes the benefits of good organization to staff

Provides timely and professional responses to all client related and internal enquiries. Keeps clients and colleagues informed as to the status of requests

Functions at all times as a team player to build an atmosphere of co-operation within the bank. Actively fosters and promotes the spirit of teamwork to staff Demonstrates good teamwork at CGM level with peers. Serves as an example to staff.

Communicates effectively and efficiently with colleagues and Managers in Fund Administration, other Departments and clients. Ensures communication is flowing from management to staff, and actively promotes the weekly meeting concept.

Leads the group by example Maintains a highly visible profile to staff Actively provides a vision to the staff Keeps the group focused on achieving goals

Minimizes absences and tardiness.
Work Parameters Or Boundaries:
Internal State Street Poland procedures & regulations
FSA Regulations
Accounting Standards
Performance Planning and Review System (PPR)

Specific Qualifications / Skills:
  • Excellent client relationship skills
  • Experience in managing teams

Level Of Education:
  • A University Degree in banking/finance or related field. A business-related degree or accountancy qualification would be an asset

Previous Level Of Experience:
  • Specialist experience in the area of fund of funds and fund of hedge funds would be an asset
  • Minimum 6 years of experience in operations or audit in collective investments, preferably with considerable client interaction.
  • Strong communication and leadership skills
  • Enthusiastic and proactive with the strive to "make things happen"
  • Fluency in oral and written English is required