System & Storage Administrator System & Storage Administrator …

Qatar National Bank (QNB)
in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Contract, Full time
Last application, 12 Jun 21
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Qatar National Bank (QNB)
in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Contract, Full time
Last application, 12 Jun 21
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Qatar National Bank (QNB)
You will primarily responsible of managing a team within the data centre department to coordinate and oversee operations procedures and controls of the Country's installed main systems in the protected production and backup environments to the requirements of the technical and business units on

Role Description

Oversee the performance of necessary Data Centre support to all business units to further the Country's strategy.

Assist in the preparation of strategies, standards, guidelines and procedures for data and systems data operating in the Country's enterprise network in accordance with the overall systems profiles and data retention and backup policy of the group.

Take part in the overall IT strategy execution

Liaise with the business unit heads for their various requirements and follow-up as and when required to answer their business needs.

Oversee relations with selected vendors for systems media and hardware delivery and maintenance.

Build and maintain strong and effective relationship with all other related departments and units to achieve the Country's goals/ objectives in systems availability monitoring and SLA compliance.

Ensure timely production of customer communications.

Provide timely and accurate information to the external and internal auditors and the Compliance function as and when required.

Manage the resources and coordinate staff in a 24-hour shift environment to attend to the operations procedures cycle management and environment monitoring of the main systems housed in both the live and backup data centre sites.

Ensure that the Data Centre operations environment is the most protected area from any external threats and internal threats, including strong control over a team of 24-hour shift operators with daily ad-hoc checks on logs and proof of execution.

Oversee the execution of procedures and guidelines for business continuity and contingency planning of the Country's systems architecture in accordance with the overall contingency planning policy of the Country.

Ensure timely and complete execution of backups within the backup policy of each system and store them according to the retention and storage policy of each system.

Oversee the keeping of all records of job execution, backups, cycles, and incident reporting logs for the different activities and systems as per the overall documentation policy.

Oversee the monitoring of main systems housed in the sites as per the operations and monitoring policy of the Country.

Provide the Head of Infrastructure Services s with daily reports on cycle, job execution, incidents and suggested resolutions for the expediency of time consuming procedures.

Oversee the reporting of any failures as per the operational procedures system, and the overall escalation policy of the Country.

Ensure computer operations staff are trained and prepared for the support tasks required for daily operations and first line support.

Ensure computer operations staff are trained and prepared for the daily synchronization of the backup and live site and assist in simulated disasters.

Oversee timely production and delivery of reports as per the operations procedures and business guidelines.

Ensure physical protection and soundness of the operating environment and the supporting contingencies including power generators, alarms, and safes.

Ensure all disaster recovery procedures and components are up to date and regularly rehearsed.

Execute DR procedures upon authorization to move services to the backup data centres and revert back.

Maintain a library of tape backups with backtracking capability, the media should be protected and circulated as per the policy for each system. Ensure validity of the same by running periodical restore checks.

Maintain a clear set of Database procedures to ensure overall availability of the system data and also to ensure proper performance and user satisfaction in consultation with the Head of Infrastructure Services.

Motivate staff to maintain responsiveness to a 24-hour based shift to ensure reliable support to all calls.

Coordinate all IT related help desk issues.

Recommend system purchases for main servers, applications, and tools.

Participate in meeting ad-hoc requirements as and when required.


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or any related subject.

Minimum 5 years' experience preferably in financial services with a specialization in managing systems operations and data centre environments of

  • main server systems (IBM E server- i series (AS/400), Windows, Linux, Tardem NSK, etc.)

  • storages (EMC, IBM etc)

  • Training courses and certification in operating systems, operational management, and data centre environments.

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