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Technical Program Manager

D360 Bank Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Posted 15 days ago Permanent Competitive
Technical Program Manager
Job Description

A Technical Program Manager (TPM), is responsible for managing projects to make sure the proposed plan adheres to the timeline, budget, and scope. This includes acquiring resources and coordinating the efforts of team members and third-party contractors or consultants to deliver projects according to plan. The Technical Project Manager will also define the technical project's objectives and oversee quality control throughout its life cycle.


Project Scope and Objectives:

• Define technical project scope, objectives, and deliverables in collaboration with stakeholders
• Ensure alignment of project goals with business objectives and stakeholder expectations
• Develop detailed project charters and obtain formal sign-off from stakeholders

Project Planning:

• Develop comprehensive project plans, including schedules, budgets, and resource allocation
• Identify and document project dependencies, critical paths, and key milestones
• Utilize project management tools to create and maintain project schedules, ensuring all tasks are assigned and deadlines are met
• Conduct post-project reviews to identify lessons learned and areas for improvement
• Document and share best practices and lessons learned with the broader organization
• Implement changes based on review findings to improve future project outcomes

Technical Problem Solving:

• Coordinate between different stakeholders and teams to help solve technical problems
• Provide technical guidance and support to team members as needed
• Ensure technical challenges are addressed promptly to avoid project delays

Monitoring and Reporting:

• Monitor and report project progress and performance against established goals and milestones
• Prepare and present regular status reports to stakeholders, highlighting progress, risks, and issues
• Implement mechanisms for tracking project metrics and KPIs

Team Coordination and Task Management:

• Drive project-related team ceremonies
• Ensure all team members have their tasks documented with clear estimates and delivery dates
• Facilitate communication and collaboration among project team members to ensure alignment and accountability

Task Documentation and Assignment:

• Ensure that all project tasks are captured, documented, and assigned to the right individual in the project management tool used by the team
• Maintain an up-to-date project backlog and ensure tasks are prioritized according to project needs
• Review and approve task completion to ensure quality and adherence to project standards

Cross-Functional Collaboration:

• Coordinate with cross-functional teams to ensure smooth execution of project tasks
• Align project activities with other ongoing initiatives to avoid conflicts and maximize resource utilization
• Foster collaboration and synergy among different teams to achieve project goals
• Report project progress to stakeholders on a daily and weekly basis
• Maintain open and transparent communication with all stakeholders to ensure expectations are managed effectively
• Ensure that project documentation is accurate, complete, and up-to-date
• Solicit feedback from team members and stakeholders to identify areas for process improvement.

Enforce, incorporate, and comply with all necessary controls and related information security (EIS) policies, procedures, practices, training, reporting, personal due diligence and vigilance, within departmental/unit activities and operations.


Preferred Qualifications
  • A tertiary-level qualification from an internationally recognized institution

Years & Nature of Experience
  • Would have 5 to 7 years of equivalent experience in project management where required competencies and experience has been demonstrated with at least 3 years managing technical projects in a software development environment
  • Has team or technical supervision skills
  • Demonstrated expertise and experience with complex technical activities
  • Has worked with more senior staff and dealt with complex issues, larger clients, accounts, projects, or internal relationships.
  • Proven track record of successfully delivering projects on time and within budget
  • Experience working with cross-functional teams and managing stakeholder relationships
  • Prior experience in a software engineering role is a plus

Technical Competencies
  • Strong understanding of SDLC, agile methodologies and project management principles
  • Proficiency with project management tools and software
  • Ability to understand technical issues and drive them to closure

Behavioral Competencies
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Attention to details
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking abilities
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • leadership and team management skills
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously

About Us

D360 Bank is a shariah-compliant digital bank that aims to provide the best financial experience in the Kingdom. Our Vision: To reinvent finance through innovation & technology making it convenient, accessible & fair to all.

About the Team

Embarking on a thrilling journey with the D360 Bank Technology team places you on the frontline of a revolutionary transformation in the financial and banking sector. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of DevOps philosophies, spearheading essential advancements in our applications and services. We wholeheartedly embrace the power of codification, employing cutting-edge Infrastructure and Configuration as code techniques, as well as automation, immutability, CI/CD, and scalability. All these endeavors are driven by our unwavering commitment to the ultimate satisfaction and security of our esteemed customers and users. Within our continuously compliant environment, you will play a vital role in shaping the future of banking technology, paving the way for unprecedented innovation and success.
Job ID  300000038280030
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