Morning Coffee: Citigroup eliminating senior traders before bonuses. Top hedge fund's weird interview tips

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First came Bank of America (admittedly back in 2007), then came Citigroup. - Citi has joined the ranks of big banks dumping senior staff just before bonuses are due to be paid.

Bloomberg reports that Ilia Polokov, a London-based emerging markets trader who'd worked for Citi for fourteen years, has left the bank. Steve Gooden, an emerging markets debt trader who joined Citi from Macquarie in 2011 has disappeared too. It's quite possible that both men left of their own accord, but that seems unlikely this close to bonus time. Citi was eliminating sales and trading jobs in November. The latest departures look an unfortunate continuation of that strategy.

Separately, if you want to work at Citadel with hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin, you'd better get with the fund's interview tips. Posted on its Citadel Careers Twitter account, they include exhortations to 'prep your elevator pitch', to 'always ask questions about company culture,' and most recently (and curiously) to come equipped with a solid handshake.

Citadel handshake


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