Morning Coffee: The top secret training programme at Barclays. Deutsche's strategy leak

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What goes on in Barclays' all-new, all-important 'conduct college'? No one knows exactly: it's only open to staff (whom we assume are inculcated with the notion that good conduct does not involve talking to the press). However, we do have a slight idea thanks to an insightful article on Barclays' new programme of behavioural therapy.  

Financial News reports that all of Barclays' 'investment bankers' are made to a submit a three hour 'conduct college' lesson which is tailored both to their particular business and to their particular role. More than 8,000 staff have reportedly had this personalized lesson already. Unfortunately, none of them have divulged what it consisted of.

More is known about Barclays' efforts to create a whole new breed of policing- staff in its Compliance Academy, of which the Conduct College is but one component. Designed in conjunction with Cambridge University, Financial News reports that the academy launched last July and intends to train 300 staff before the end of this year. It has three different levels, each with multiple modules lasting several days. Compliance staff attending the academy are encouraged to ask searching questions such as, 'What is compliance?'. They are also asked to work through real life examples from the past, such as the LIBOR rigging scandal, which prompted ex-Barclays CEO Bob Diamond to resign.

Separately, there's been a 'leak' regarding Deutsche Bank's heavily anticipated Q2 strategy review. Unfortunately, it's not very informative. Reuters reports that Deutsche is simply, 'focusing on plans for a slimmed-down universal bank.' In doing so, it will remain 'internationally engaged' in most of its 'current activities,' but will pull out of unprofitable regions and business lines. So, now you know.


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