Students with low salary expectations will steal bankers' jobs, redux

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If you've been reading this column a lot, you'll be familiar with the notion that banks are waiting to jettison all their awkward senior staff with their awkward memories of being paid $$$ and to replace them with new graduates who are more than happy to earn $100k and work Saturday night.

If you buy into this, you should take a long look at the charts below, produced by Universum, the global surveyors of graduates everywhere. Fact is, there are plenty of business and engineering students out there who are prepared to work for not much at all, especially when you get beyond London and New York City. Now you know why Goldman Sachs is hiring hundreds of people in Warsaw for a technology and operations unit, or why J.P. Morgan has plenty of operations jobs in Buenos Aires.

Universum EMEA

Universum APAC

Universum APAC

Photo credit: elhombredenegro

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