Deloitte steps up hiring for digital talent in the U.S.

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As big data analytics and digital channels continue to transform the financial services industry, professional services firms are ramping up their hiring in those areas to meet client demand. Here are some noteworthy digitally oriented hires that Deloitte has made this year in the U.S.

Deloitte Digital is increasing headcount

Chris Wallace is now the manager of digital business and strategy at Deloitte Digital. Previously, he spearheaded strategic leadership, social business, client services and creative direction at Trellist Marketing and Technology and was an adjunct faculty member of digital design at Philadelphia University.

Deloitte Digital recently brought on board Kimberly "Kymm" McCabe, the founder and CEO of business development service provider Value Storm Growth Partners, as a principal with a mandate to craft digital strategies and implement digital platforms and applications. Previously she was the president and CEO ASI Government and also spent over two and a half years as acting deputy director of the business transformation office at the U.S. Army.

Derik Quinn joined Deloitte Digital as a senior manager, returning to the firm after a year-and-a-half stint at Expedia. Prior to that, he was a software manager and technical architect at PwC.

Deloitte has also brought in Shreya Shah as a senior user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designer. Previously, she was a senior UX designer at ADP, lead UX designer at Fresh Digital Group, UX designer at Fertility Authority and the founder and lead UX designer of Daufin Designwave.

Computer scientist Alok Bansal was hired by Deloitte as an advisory consultant, a role that involves assessing information systems and technology that manage risk and drive operational, financial and regulatory compliance processes.

NYU student Eric Hu, featured on NBC, ABC’s Good Morning America and Business Insider, is working as an SEO specialist and digital marketing strategy consultant for Deloitte Digital. He is also freelance photographer.

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