Are you part of Theresa May's 'international elite'? A small quiz

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Theresa May is not a friend of the banking industry. Echoing whispers from 'senior members of the administration', she used her conference speech today to decry "international elites" and clarify that she won't making any special allowances for the financial services sector.

Theresa's own friends, however, have taken her implied animosity towards the finance sector several steps further.

Stewart Jackson, top parliamentary aide to Brexit secretary David Davis, was spotted at a conference fringe event disparaging bankers who he said are making false threats to move to Europe: "They would rather live in Mayfair and Knightsbridge than in downtown Dusseldorf or Frankfurt,” he said. “The sort of people that are making these decisions are people that rather like living in London, which is the greatest city in the world.”

Meanwhile, home secretary Amber Rudd is promising to "flush out" businesses in the UK that employ too many foreign workers and make UK employers publicize the proportion of employees they hire from overseas.

So....Do Theresa and her friends want you? Are you part of the 'new centre ground' in the 'new global Britain' celebrated in today's speech? Or are you part of a foreign international elite who's popularity is waning?

The quiz below will reveal all. Affirmative answers are culturally incriminating.

1. Do you work in research or M&A?

If the answer is yes, you may well be from overseas.

2. Are you more senior than an analyst 2?

If the answer is yes, you're earning many multiples more than the UK median salary of £27.6k. You are part of the elite (but are you also international?).

3. Are you familiar with any of the universities listed below?

Be gone with you.

4. Do you work for SocGen or BNP Paribas?

British banks are preferred (or maybe RBC Capital Markets).

5. Do you want stay in London even though the pay isn't hugely different to Frankfurt and Paris?

You're obviously a metropolitan elitist who's spent too long in Mayfair and Kensington. Maybe it's time to check out Frankfurt and Dusselforf (and Paris) instead?


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