I took a big career break, but then landed a management job at EY. Here’s how

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Taking time out of your career need not prevent you from returning to the workforce in a senior job. EY is now offering people who have taken a career break of between two and 10 years (and have managerial experience in professional services or a similar sector) the chance to join a 12-week paid programme to help them get back into work.

The firm is now inviting applications for its EY Reconnect programme, for jobs starting in September 2018 in its Tax business, as well as in related areas in Accounting and Financial Advisory.

Offering varied and interesting work with global clients, the potential to manage a team, and one-to-one coaching and development, the Reconnect programme is the perfect opportunity to revitalise your career and skills while building a network of like-minded people.

“It’s really boosted my professional confidence” – Minaxi’s story

Minaxi Arnold had taken a career break to raise a family. After a period of freelance and volunteer work, she decided she wanted a permanent job that would increase her knowledge and deepen her experience, as well as develop her relationships with colleagues and clients. Now, after completing EY Reconnect, Minaxi is a manager in EY’s People Advisory Services business.

“I was impressed with how EY embraces flexibility. Here, having a family is not career limiting – it’s the opposite,” says Minaxi. “EY is aware and appreciative of my achievements, which has really boosted my confidence. This programme ignores any gaps in your career history, and looks at your experience and skills to match you to appropriate roles.”

Initially, however, Minaxi did have some reservations. “I didn’t think I’d get back into the work mind-set having had a career break, but actually I picked up right where I left off,” she says. Throughout the programme Minaxi says she enjoyed, “working, learning something new, delivering client work and winning new business”.

It wasn’t a difficult decision for Minaxi to stay on at EY after finishing the Reconnect programme. “I enjoyed my ‘internship’ and valued being part of a growing and successful team. I could see how my contribution counted toward our growth.”

Continuing to develop as a professional is really important to Minaxi and she’s taken up many opportunities to keep learning.

“I was invited to the New Manager training course, to prepare for being a manager at EY. I was also picked to represent my business area on a pilot EMEIA Immersion training course in Prague which was really invaluable,” explains Minaxi. “More recently, I was invited to attend my team’s Business Bootcamp in Berlin. There is so much valuable learning and development at EY, and it’s really up to the individual to get involved and take ownership of their own learning.”

Upon her return to work, it didn’t take long for Minaxi to start making a real impact. “There have been a few achievements I’m proud of since returning. I recently helped UKI Recruitment at EY to select a new application-tracking system vendor, which will be rolled out later this year. I also drafted a people strategy for an $8 billion telecommunications company.”

If Minaxi could go back to give a piece of advice to herself before starting the Reconnect programme, what would it be? “I’d tell myself to be confident in my abilities. I was worried my skill set wouldn’t transfer into my new role, but I’ve managed to continually surprise myself and would encourage anyone thinking about returning to work to do the same.”

How to apply

If you’re thinking about re-joining the world of work, and are looking for a support network to help you succeed, visit EY to find out more: https://ukcareers.ey.com/experienced/where-you-fit/our-programmes/returning-to-work-ey-reconnect


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