These are the interview questions you'll be asked at Citi

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Working for Citi may be no easy task. The hours may be long, the pay not be totally satisfactory (although you should at least get a lot of cash in your bonus) and if you work in tech or operations the chief executive of Citi's investment bank says you're heavily at risk of losing your job to automation. 

Sounds appealing, right?

Well, yes. This year Citi says it's had 60,761 applications for 520 jobs at its corporate and investment bank globally.

In other words 99% of people are rejected, so if you're thinking of interviewing at Citi, you need to prepare very well indeed. Below, we have listed all the questions people claim to have been asked in recent Citi interviews for your convenience.

IDB (Investment Banking Division) questions from Citi interviews

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ‘Comparable Company Analysis’?

How do you calculate the cost of equity?

To calculate shares that are fully diluted, which method would you use?

How do you value a company?

Which are the typical stages of an IPO?

How much do you know about discounted cash flow analysis?

What do you think of stock repurchases?

What is the best metric for valuing a company?

How many hours are there between the 27th of February and the 3rd of March?

In which kind of scenario would you not use comparables of discounted cash flow to value a company?

Why is minority interest subtracted out in the calculation of free cash flow?

Explain how the balance sheet and cash flow statement tie together.

Explain to me how an LBO is constructed and implemented.

How would you value an apple tree?

Sales and trading questions from Citi interviews

Which factors influence the price of a residential mortgage backed security (RMBS)?

Talk me through the European Debt crisis from the beginning to the current time.

What is the main driver that is making the debt crisis persist? What would be the solution in your opinion?

What is the difference between ‘TIPS’ and an ‘I bond’?

What is the role of a corporate client solutions team?

What is bond duration?

Technology questions from Citi interviews 

What benefits does Python provide over other languages?

What are the differences between an object and an interface?

What is an inner join in SQL?

How do you swap two integer variables without using a temporary variable?

What is multithreading in the context of a CPU?

What are primary and foreign keys in a DBMS?

In the language Java, what is considered ‘static’?

How does java string class work?

What are paradigms and how do they come into Java?

Describe, in as much detail as possible, the software development life cycle.

Which agile methodology do you find fits with your work style and why?


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