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The full list of JPMorgan's new managing directors

JPMorgan has promoted some new managing directors. Last year, promotions were delayed and happened in July due to COVID. This year, they're back on schedule, and are up - 116 people made MD at JPMorgan's corporate and investment bank (CIB) last year; this year it's up to 134 people.

The full list is below. Financial News says 52 people have been promoted in EMEA. They include Mark Handley, the co-head of CEEMEA credit trading, Dimitri Hippocrate, the head of flow credit for France and Benelux and Filippo Finelli, the global head of commodities automated trading strategies. In the U.S., this year's promotions include Saad Chamich, the head of U.S. index forward trading. Female promotions include Sophie Farivarz, the global co-head of hedge funds and asset managers and EMEA Head of FX hedge fund sales,

Alongside the fact that several of this year's European promotions are outside London (Hippocrate is in France, as is Augustin d’Angerville, JPMorgan's French head of investment banking), it's notable that 31 of this year's recruits are in the investment banking division which has been thriving over the past year. "It's pretty punchy," says one European banker, noting that very few bankers were promoted in the last round.

Many of this year's new MDs are JPMorgan veterans who have worked for the bank their entire careers. Richard Plater in cash equities emerging markets technology joined the bank 20 years ago. Sean Roy, the co-head of EMEA Hedge Fund & UK Asset Management Rates Sales, joined from university 11 years ago. Khuram Saeed in London quant research has been at the bank since 2006. Only a few are recent hires - like Jens Rasmussen, the head of FIG rating advisory, who joined from HSBC in 2016.

JPMorgan's 2021 managing director list

Ankush Agarwal, global research

Soraya Ahmed, global payments 

Maed Al Mesmari, global invesment banking

Meghann Altman, global investment banking

Punit Bansal, global markets

Melissa Barnes,HR

Evelyne Beduneau, finance & business management 

Edward Bell, global investment banking

Mamoun Bennani, global sales and marketing

Harmeet Bharara, wholesales payments 

Shormi Bhattacharya, digital and platform services

Eric Birenberg, global markets

Steve Brooks, digital and platform services

Carol Brown, digital and platform services

Nathan Brunner, global investment banking 

Steven Bufferd, global investment banking 

Chiara Carter, risk

Saad Chamich, global markets

Khuram Chaudhry, global research

Rohit Chauhan, digital and platform services

William Chesters, global markets

Cedric Cheung, global markets

Rifat Chowdhury, global markets

Thomas Christi, global investment banking 

Danny Claudio, corporate banking and TS sales

Paulo Coimbra, global sales and marketing 

Mariano Colmenar Gotor, global investment banking 

Augustin D'Angerville, global investment banking

Benjamin Darnaby, global markets

Ronny Dharma, global markets

Paul Dolan, compliance, conduct and operational risk

Scott Dworshak, global investment banking 

Jackie English, payments

Sophie Farivarz, global sales and marketing

Tom Falkemberg, securities services

Paulo Finardi, global sales and marketing

Brian Fitzsimmons, global markets

Jessica Fye, global research

Sanke Ghosh, global sales and marketing

Scott Glowinski, global investment banking

Lakshi Gopalan, digital platform services

Ariel Granoff, global investment banking

Phil Gresh, global research

Vietta Grinberg, global markets

Ashtutosh Gupta, global markets

Maansi Gupta, global investment banking 

Mark Handley, global markets

Scott Hansen, global research

Matthew Harlow, global investment banking

Kristen Haupert, securities services

Filipe Heinnemann, global investment banking

Peiter Himpe, global investment banking 

Krill Kondrashin, global sales and marketing

Doug Kravitz, risk

Dean Kurdyla, digital and platform services

Issam Lagbouri, global markets 

Nick Lai, global research

Leo Lai, risk

Amalia Lazarus,  global sales and marketing

Francesco Leuthold, global investment banking 

Matt Liddell, global sales and marketing

Mark Liebling, global sales and marketing

Soo Chong Lim, global research

Maria Lobo, digital platform services

John Loffredo, finance and business management 

Meliisa Lu, global investment banking

Brian Malthouse, global markets 

Alifiya Mamaji, digital platform services

Lucy Mather, global sales and marketing

Carlos Mendoza, global investment banking

Michael Menzel, global investment banking

Diarmuid Moloney, digital platform services

Josh Moradfar, global investment banking

Phil Mort, cybersecurity and tech controls

Jamie Mortimore, global markets 

Christina Moy, payments

Eric Nelson, global sales and marketing

Natalie Netter, global markets

Mohamed Noah, international consumer

Ahmet Odabas, finance and business management

Wei Han Ong, finance and business management

Guri Ormonroyd, corp banking and TS sales

Gokhan Ozkan global investment banking

Gabby Palmer, global sales and marketing 

Piyush Parekh, international consumer

Matthew Parker Jones, wholesale payments

Stephen Pearce, global markets

Lionel Pernet, global investment banking 

Prichard Plater, digital platform services

Gary Powell, credit review 

Marco Prono, global investment banking 

Bhavin Radia, risk 

Poola Rajput, corporate banking and TS sales

Anupam Rama, global research 

Srikanta Ramachandra, risk

Fred Rance, global sales and marketing 

Jens Rasmussen, global investment banking 

Neha Rastogi, risk

Nick Riddle,  global investment banking 

Alberto Rizzi, risk 

Clay Robinson, global investment banking 

Sean Roy, global sales and marketing

Khuram Saeed, global markets

Paul Sanctuary, digital and platform services

Fuat Savas, global investment banking 

Oliver Sheldon, global investment banking 

Irene Shpigelman, digital and platform services

Saad Siddiqui, global research

Glenn Silver, home lending 

Justine Simeone, securities services

Amar Singh, global sales and marketing

Richard Singh, global sales and marketing

Sunny Singh, digital and platform services

William Si-Tu, global investment banking 

Elana Slobodien, corporate banking and TS sales

Abby Smith, global markets

Alex Staab, global sales and marketing

Tom Summersahll, global sales and marketing

Benjamin Tan, global markets

Niamh Taylor, global sales and marketing

Jeff Teitelbaum, global sales and marketing

Kush Teotia, finance and business mangaement 

Eduward Tijou, global markets

Madjid Toubai, global sales and marketing

Maheer Trivedi, global markets 

Banu Ulutuncel, global markets

Glenn Valli, global markets

Anish Varghese, global sales and marketing

Alexander Voigt, global investment banking 

James Walcott, global sales and marketing 

Richard Walsh, global investment banking 

Andy Waskow, compliance, conduct and operational risk

Craig White, digital and platform services

Scott Wilcoxen, digital and platform services

Tony Wood, compliance, conduct and operational risk

Photo by Ariel on Unsplash

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AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor
  • No
    Noticed A Typo
    25 May 2021

    Maed Al Mesmari "global head of invesment [sic] banking" pls fix

  • Sa
    Sarah Butcher
    30 April 2021

    If there are names missing (or misspelt), let me know and I can validate and add them...

  • Th
    Theodore Fong
    30 April 2021

    The new MDs in technology are rolled under the different business lines, Dave.

  • Da
    29 April 2021

    Notice how not a single one of these MD promotions are in Technology. Shows you how important IT is to middle management

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