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"Nepotism is rife in the bank where I work. And it comes from the top"

I work in a UK office of a top European bank. I'm not in London, which possibly allows hiring practices to slip beneath the radar. 

Since I've been here, I've seen hires made into the KYC and technology teams which seem to be based upon the new recruits' relationship with one of the highest ranking members of staff in this office. We have reported these actions via anonymous channels to the bank, but it seems that the individuals concerned are able to act with impunity. 

One position in KYC was offered to the individual's son. Another position in technology was offered to a close friend of the family.

What's particularly galling is that while these people seem to be achieving jobs through their connections, the bank has been cutting staff in the same area. For example, one individual working in the technology department had their contract cancelled to make way for the new hire. That individual wasn't given an opportunity to apply for the position, even though they'd been working more than adequately in the role. The position was then awarded to the external candidate who just happened to know the senior employee - on the back of her recommendation. 

There's now a running joke here that the rest of the family and friends will be hired too. The person doing the hiring is part of the equality board and is championing 'equality for all,' which seems hypocritical. 

How normal is this? It's unfair that we should fear for our jobs while these people are able to walk into roles with their eyes closed. I've always been told that if you work hard, give it your all, your dreams and ambitions will come true. This was a lie, you can do anything with the right connections. Without them, you have your wings clipped before take off. 

Karam Patil is a pseudonym 

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AUTHORKaram Patil Insider Comment
  • Ky
    9 June 2021

    Sad but 100% true. Just have to live with it! The big boys/girls loving this, no names mentioned, allowed to get away with it.

  • At
    9 June 2021

    Sh*t storm in teacup, this person will get away with it as there is no oversight from London.

  • Ky
    8 June 2021

    So it appears three people have got in so far through this process. We work in the dept where this happend. The person concerned seems to have bought in her son and he's the new favorite amongst the management team. Treat him right and you'll do well.

    This should be allowed to happen. Come on DB roll up your socks and do something!

  • Sl
    7 June 2021

    What's the problem. This is how the hiring process usually works in the investment Banking world. Build your network, kiss a*s occasionally, say the right things and never challenge senior management. If you happen to be related to a D or MD's EVEN BETTER.

    I'm someone who's benefitted from this process, never really interested in the position but needed a foot through the door.

    Saves a lot of money during the recruitment process too.

  • Bh
    7 June 2021

    Just having read this story I immediately know this relates to at Deutsche Birmingham. Relatives and their friends are seemingly able to walk through the door receiving preferential treatment. HR yet again failing to act, or maybe they are equally involved in the process!

    Favorites kept, those who do not fit the description are let go. It is frankly shocking that these people are getting away with this.

    Inclusiveness and equal opportunities are discussed in an open forum, yet we all see how things are really going.

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.